The Power of Energy – Manifesting the Life You Want

The idea of having a great life is always within you. You come into this world with a blueprint of positive perfection. However, to manifest your great life can be more of a challenge.

So often, you may see other people succeeding in having the life that you are wanting. What usually happens when you look at others succeeding in having what you want, is that you may begin to get challenged and sometimes jealous of their success.

Everything is energy. The Universe is ALWAYS for you and never against you. The Universe does not question whether you want something or not. If you are thinking about it, you must want it. The Universe will give you a reflection of the way you are thinking and feeling.

The challenge is when you get jealous of other people having the things that you want. The Universe will give you the same vibe of energy as you have been sending out. If you get jealous, you will manifest more things to be jealous and frustrated about.

See and feel the energy in connection with what you want instead of what you don’t want. The Universe is always listening and will respond with a reflection of what and how you are seeing and feeling life experiences and circumstances.

Positive thoughts will bring you a more positive life. The way to approach what you want in life is with a positive, knowing and thankful acceptance that you have ALREADY received what it is that you are wanting. The ability to act and feel as though something is in your life even when it’s not physically there in front of you is a powerful tool and technique to use. You already do this daily in your life.

Your dreams and aspirations are nowhere in sight, neither is your money in your bank account nor the vehicle that you drive when you are sitting inside your home. When asked, your response to those things is, “OF COURSE I have those things, even when I don’t see them.” This kind of approach will move you out of a reactive way of living and into a proactive way.

Most people will be reactive to life by thinking if they have a particular job then they will feel successful and if they have a certain amount of money then they will feel wealthy. People will wait for those specific circumstances to feel successful, abundant, happy and more. That’s a reactive style.

A proactive way to enjoy life is to feel successful and abundant BEFORE it comes into reality. By feeling that way before it’s there, you will attract the people, circumstances, and experiences that will get you to more of what you are wanting rather than not wanting.

Learn to think and feel more of what you really want in your life as if it is already there. And then, live life and be open to the FUN way that the Universe responds to you!