Water of Consciousness – How Thoughts and Energy Impact Your Life

Water is the most malleable computer on the planet. It holds any thought vibration that you think into it.

Dr. Masaru Emoto did a scientific experiment called “Messages from Water”. He wanted to see if the molecular structure of water was affected by thoughts. He set out two containers of water. With one of the containers of water, Dr. Emoto had people directly send challenging and negative thoughts. In the other container, he had people send loving, happy and positive thoughts. He then froze both of the containers of water. After taking the containers of water out of the freezer, he put small pieces of the ice under an Electron Microscope. He saw that the water crystals that had been sent negative energy looked gross and odd. When he placed the positive water crystals under the microscope, they looked like snowflakes and clean prisms of light.

The effect is also seen in some schools, where two similar plants are placed a distance apart. The kids send one plant positive and happy thoughts, and the other plant they send challenging and negative thoughts. You quickly see that the plant that received the love was blooming and healthy, and the other plant that was sent negative energy was looking old and had drying leaves. The molecular water structure within the plants was affected by thoughts and began to show visible signs.

Well, the human body is 60% water and the brain and heart are 73%. Every thought that you think ripples through your entire body and into every cell. If you think lower energy thoughts, your body, mind, and heart will vibe with that energy and if you think positive thoughts, everything amplifies with that energy.

Learning to think positive thoughts more consistently, allows you to see and feel more of the productive healthy energy vibe. It is not always easy, but as you begin to feel and see a difference in your energy, thoughts, and physical body, then you will think more positive thoughts and get the benefits of this new mindset. You will see it ripple into your life and into other people’s minds and hearts.

Have you ever had the thought that a friend would call and then moments later, they call? What if you were picking up on their water structure of thought and then your mind vibed with the exact person who was thinking about you before they called. The closer you are in a relationship, the more you pick up on the other person’s thoughts, like couples that have been together for 50 years, who finish each other’s sentences.

Thoughts create vibrations of information and constitute that personal magnetism when you first meet someone. You either love their energy or you don’t want to even be around them. They don’t even have to say a word and yet you will feel their energy thoughts. That’s why some people have nice clean energy and others have dirty and greasy energy. Have a more positive mindset and you will literally embody it on many levels.

It’s time to take your life to the next level with this positive new way of inner communication. Keep it positive and have fun in life… Just think about it!