Are Chronically Late People More Successful?

Science has a lot of funny stats on bizarre things like how the average American spends just over an hour a day eating food, or the odds of being killed by lightening are 1 in 2 million.

Now, science claims people who are chronically late tend to live longer and be more successful.

Punctuality is always prided in society. It’s a sign of respect for yourself and others to arrive to a meeting, date, or event on time. Yet, no matter how hard they try, there are always those who tend to run late.

No matter how well they try to coordinate their schedules, they always seem to be at least 5 to 10 minutes behind schedule. And for those who are masters of arriving to places on time or early, this can be frustrating.

In a recent study, the results showed that people who run late tend to have a difficult time sticking to a schedule or meeting a deadline. This is largely due to their way of working and processing information.

These people usually are easily adaptable and can change their coursework without feeling unfinished or thrown for a loop. They can also be good at honing in on a project they feel passionately about and zero in until the work is complete.

Because of this, chronically late people also tend to be less stressed and more relaxed. They also have lower blood pressure which protects against stroke and heart disease.

It also is a recipe for success because their work ethic is adaptable yet focused. They like to finish tasks no matter how long it takes them, meaning they might have a difficult time leaving the office when they know they should be on their way to an event already.

So although it might be frustrating, know that people who are always late don’t mean any disrespect by it. They tend to have a more optimistic and perhaps unrealistic approach to what they can accomplish in the time they have.

But it’s all because they truly want to accomplish what they can, even if it means they are always five minutes late to everything.