You have heard the old adage that attitude is everything.  According to Harvard and Stanford Universities it seems to be true.   Statistics show 85% of the reason a person gets a job and gets ahead in her career is due to attitude while only 15% is attributed to special skills or technical abilities.  It’s amazing when you think of all the money people pour into their education and how little is spent on building happy and positive attitudes.

Food for thought; with the right attitude you can develop the necessary skills to not only survive, but thrive during today’s rough economic climate.  In today’s world we are drowning in a sea of negativity instead of developing and maintaining a positive can do attitude.   Flip your attitude switch today and you will be amazed at the things that will show up in your world.

Staying positive by surrounding yourself with positive people

Here are a few tips to help you maintain your positive outlook.

  • Understand that failure is a verb and not a noun.   A person may fail at times, we all do, but that does not make you a failure.  Adopt the attitude of a winner, surround yourself with people who win, play to win, and plan on winning!   You won’t win every time but you will find yourself on top most of the time.
  • Adopt an attitude of learning and a positive, “can do” attitude.  Do things that will continue to move you forward.  Be honest with yourself about your shortcomings and try to work on them. Adopt an attitude of learning, continue to read and try new things.   Keeping your mind sharp will keep you young.
  • Take stock of the people in your life and those who bring joy into your life and those who are a drain.  Do you enjoy the people you work with?

Staying Positive in today’s uncertainty_positive peopleLife is too short to spend time with people that don’t make you happy.  Ever notice how some people are a joy and effortless to be with and how others can suck the life out of you with just a few words?  Make a note of the people you enjoy and admire most and emulate them.  Avoid the dream stealers and the people who enjoy misery.  Negativity is contagious so avoid it whenever possible.  Remember every day is a choice and your attitude will determine your altitude.