Jamie Abromovitz, created Dreamalings as an educational endeavor to enrich and educate children and adults through entertaining educational content, products, tools and programs to foster a lifelong love of learning through imagination and creativity.

She presents these stories so you can read them to your children at bedtime from your portable tablet or phone.



Gabby Gabriela


Gabby Gabriela was given the gift of gab.

She uses it quite frequently,

When she’s feeling good or bad.


She talks in school,

She talks at home,


She talks to friends,

And when alone…


Twinkle toesGabby Gabriela is a girl who loves to gab.

She talks when people talk to her,

But when “they” talk, she’s mad.


She talks about herself a lot,

And she talks about her dreams.


She talks about her history,

And her life is all she sees.


She never ever listens,

That would be a waste of time.


She thinks she’s smarter than the rest,

Of all of humankind.


Too bad that Gabby never stopped

To hear her brilliant friends.


She talked so much,

She missed the teacher-

 Saying when class ends.


So Gabby Gabriela

Is all alone in class today.

She wasn’t listening when the teacher said

“Go out and play!”


Copyright © 2002 and 2012, Jamie Abromovitz 

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