How to Create Systems for Your Business and Daily Life

There’s been a big spike in interest surrounding organization and productivity for business and daily lives. However, as an entrepreneur who has been running her business on her own for the last two years, I’ve learned the hard way that it takes more than a clean desk and to-do list to get things done.

I’m a huge fan of organization and productivity. I’m constantly looking for ways to streamline my processes to work on the next thing on my business. I’ve learned the hard way to simplify my work and daily is to create systems.

Systems are amazing because they help you create a plan and create a process for every part of your business and life. This is more than a to-do list and will require a lot of upfront work, but it’ll be worth it.

A past co-worker explained the importance of systems in a simple, but efficient way. She said, “if you disappeared from the Earth tomorrow, would someone be able to step in and take over your work based on your detailed systems?”

I think the most common answer would be no, and that means there is big room for improvement. Luckily, creating systems for your business and life is a lot easier than many of us think. Below is a five-step process to create systems for your business and life.

  1. Write everything down

To build systems for your business and life, you have to take inventory of everything you’re currently spending time on. Nothing is too small or too boring to make it on this list. If you don’t know where to start, I highly recommend starting with your morning routine. This can get your mind and thoughts rolling and get you thinking of your daily tasks.

  1. Map the details

One of the biggest reasons people fail at creating systems (myself included) is because we aren’t detailed enough. Remember that if you disappeared tomorrow, someone should be able to step in and take over your work. That someone might not know that a vague task, like blog posts, consists of 20 small tasks to make it happen.

  1. Make edits

I’m constantly surprised by how much time I waste on meaningless tasks. Whether it’s thinking of what to make for dinner every evening or brainstorming that week’s blog post for my site. Some tasks can be systemized to increase effectiveness and productivity. Don’t be shy to eliminate tasks that aren’t serving you or your life.

  1. Use digital tools

Getting these systems out of your head and onto a digital tool is a game-changer. There are dozens of task management sites and apps that are free and easy to use. I’ve found Asana to be the easiest app to use and manage, but this is relative to your expertise and needs. The key here is to include every task and every detail into a reoccurring assignment.  

  1. Build positive habits

There’s no point in spending hours building amazing systems if they won’t be used and practiced. Make it a habit to follow your systems to make your business and personal life a breeze. Set reminders and check in on your task-management app frequently to stay on track.