Weekend Checklist to Set You Up for a Productive Week

If you’re like most, you look forward to the weekend all week long. Demanding jobs, busy family schedules, and strenuous responsibilities can leave us feeling drained and defeated. While you might feel tempted to spend your weekends lounging on the couch and catching up on sleep, you must take advantage of your downtime to get ahead.  

Below are four things to add to your weekend checklist and set yourself up for a productive week.

Decompress from the week

Many of us confuse time off work with intentional relaxation time. This can be especially hard for entrepreneurs or professionals who work from home. During the weekend, prioritize relieving yourself from the pressures and stresses of your work life. Meditations, hikes, crafts, and exercise are just a few things you can try to shake the week away.

Get organized

Depending on how hectic your weekdays are, you probably accumulate more mess than you care to admit. We’ve all been there. Using your free time during the weekend to tidy up and get organized can make a difference in your overall productivity and mood throughout the week. Block the time and conquer one small area at a time.

Plan and shop for your meals

Takeout has become the go-to backup plan for families and individuals everywhere. Busy schedules and lack of planning can often lead to last-minute solutions. One of the best things you can do during the weekend is to plan your meals for the week, make a detailed grocery list, and shop for all your necessities.

You’re less likely to make pit stops at a restaurant when you know you have pre-planned meals waiting for you at home.

Make a plan

There’s something liberating about the weekend. Many of us are more relaxed, free-spirited, and in a better mood than usual. While going with the flow is important to unwind from a busy week, it’s critical to take the time to plan. Not only should you create an intentional outline for your weekend plans, but you should also do a high-level overview of your week ahead.

Time block your upcoming week based on your top priorities. By blocking those events and assignments, you’re more likely to attend to those needs and avoid wasting time on tasks that aren’t nearly as important.