Five Ways to Decompress from a Long Work Week

Whether you’re an entrepreneur working odd hours or an employee working a 9 to 5, it’s likely you experience a little bit of burnout now and then. No one looks forward to Friday more than someone who has had a long work week. One of the best ways to shake off the long week is by decompressing and letting go of all the stress and negative emotions that might have stuck with you.

What you do with your weekend is essential to ensuring you return on Monday with a fresh and renewed perspective. Below are five ways to decompress from a long work week.

Unplug from work

If you’re intentional about using your days off to decompress from a long week, unplugging from work is essential. Sure, you might be able to get ahead on an assignment or two, but you’ll also lose out on that downtime that could help you recharge for the next week. Put away your laptop, work phone, and don’t even think about refreshing that email.

Limit screen time

When attempting to relax, many of us reach for our phones and mindlessly scroll through social media. Unfortunately, doing so can sometimes lead to more stress and exhaustion. After a long work week, make it a habit to limit your screen time. Sure, you can browse through Facebook, but set a time limit. A 30-minute session can be a lot healthier than scrolling for three hours straight.

Spend time outside

There’s something magical about breathing in the fresh air and feeling the wind blow. It’s a refreshing and grounding experience that can help you recharge after a long work week. Whether you go on a hike, take your kid to the park, or step outside your house for a five-minute meditation, spending time outside can help you decompress after a long work week.

Read a book

One of the best ways to escape your reality for short increments of time is to read a book. Reading is a great way to decompress because it requires you to settle down, find a quiet place, get comfortable, and just read. Even if you only have 30-minutes to spare, taking the time to read can help you destress from a long week.

Practice Self-Care

Taking care of yourself is essential to overcoming burnout and recharging after a long work week. If you don’t already have a self-care routine you follow, I would highly recommend starting one. It can be anything from taking long, hot baths, going for a run, or treating yourself to a facial at your favorite spa.

Remember, taking the time to recharge during your days off is essential to your productivity and efficiency. Find ways that help you decompress and stick to them.