Women Making Space For ‘She Sheds’

We’ve all heard of a man cave, but now a new trend is taking over complete with a woman’s touch.

They’re called She Sheds, and it’s the hottest new trend designed with relaxation in mind specifically for women.

The idea is to repurpose an old shed and make it a tranquil spot to relax, do yoga, or just have a nice spot to read a book. The trend is gaining a lot of popularity on DIY sites like Pinterest, where women swap ideas and design hacks to help each other make unique sheds.

For those who have an old shed already sitting in their backyard, repurposing the shed is easier than one might think. Designers say to start with a fresh coat of paint to make your humble abode look fresh and inviting.

And a fresh coat of paint includes the interior as well. Flooring such as concrete can be painted and sealed, or if your budget allows for it, lay down tile, brick, or vinyl with a pretty pattern.

If your shed has a wood floor, a nice coat of stain might be all that’s needed to do the trick and make the interior shine as much as the newly painted exterior.

Next, depending on the purpose of the shed, bring in accessories that help make the space inviting and fun. Try adding antique chairs, a small writer’s desk, and a pretty lamp to brighten the place up.

Rugs help make the space feel cozy, and a comfy chair with some throw pillows make for a great spot to read a book or watch movies.

And of course don’t forget to add some photos or art to liven up the walls. Plants also help make the shed feel like a warm and inviting place.

Don’t have a shed already waiting in the backyard? Home improvement stores like Lowe’s offers She Shed Kits for purchase.

Kit prices vary depending on materials. For those who are completely starting from scratch, the total cost of a She Shed is roughly $5,000 dollars depending on various factors such as adding extra windows or a porch.