Style Statement: What You Should Wear to a Networking Event

As if networking events weren’t intimidating enough, having the pressure of figuring out what to wear can make the entire experience a nightmare for an introvert like me. Attending networking events has countless benefits for entrepreneurs and professionals, including increased sales and new business leads. While a good elevator pitch is essential, a well-thought-out outfit can leave a lasting impression.

woman trying on designer dressYou only have one chance to make a good first impression. Below are four style tips to keep in mind when planning your outfit for your next networking event.

Comfort is key

A key element to any good outfit is comfort. People can tell when an individual is uncomfortable, on edge, or in pain due to their attire. Whether it’s the uncomfortable heels, the itchy dress, or the boxy suit, confining outfits are not fun for anyone. When dressing for a networking event, look for the balance between comfort and style. The more comfortable you feel, the more confidence you’ll portray.

Embrace your brand

One of the reasons professionals attend networking events is to expand their brand awareness. A networking event is a great opportunity to subtly represent your brand in front of dozens of other professionals. Whether an embroidered polo or a handbag from your latest collection, incorporating your brand into your outfit is a great way to start a conversation and increase your brand awareness.

Cultivate curiosity

People love connecting with like-minded individuals, and that can be hard when you’re in a room full of people you may have never met before. A networking event is a great place to wear your favorite shoes, bold blazer, or fun jewelry. These pieces can help cultivate curiosity and quickly lead to fun conversations with professionals in the room.

Connect through confidence

What I love most about fashion and style is how a good outfit makes me feel. When I feel put together on the outside, it boosts my confidence and it radiates from the inside out. While attending a networking event might feel like a chore to you, make sure you always make an effort to put your best foot forward and make a strong first impression. You never know how those strangers will impact your life and business in the future.