The Best Way To Break Up With Someone

Yes, there is a way of breaking up with someone that stands out above the rest, and science is even backing it up as the best method to use when saying bye-bye to a relationship, according to Glamour magazine.

The method doesn’t involve a Post-It, a text message, or a mixed tape. Nope, the method is pretty standard and simple yet people are shy to make it their go-to choice.

According to a study conducted at Brigham Young University, researchers asked 145 people how they respond to bad news depending on various deliveries. These included terms of clarity, consideration, directness, efficiency, honesty, specificity, and reasonability.

One of these “bad news” categories was being broken up with.

People voted for clarity and directness as the most valued qualities when it comes to receiving bad news, and this included being broken up with.

People don’t want some long drawn out story about how it’s not you, it’s me. They prefer and appreciate cutting right to the chase with little buffers.

Seems crazy, right?

We always cringe at the thought of having to tell someone you are just not into the relationship anymore. But being honest and direct is valued and appreciated over dragging out the conversation or not having a conversation at all.

Granted, the researchers say it’s probably not best to just look at someone and say “It’s over,” but starting the conversation with “We need to have a talk,” will only help the other person prepare for what they know is coming.

Then, just simply say what it is that you want to say. Don’t worry about it being a long conversation or short, just be honest. Honesty is always the best policy when it comes to these types of conversations.

A lot of people fear hurting someone else’s feelings during a breakup, but the fact is a breakup will hurt no matter what you try to do. Unless the feeling is mutual and both parties know and are prepared for it, there will always be hurt feelings for someone.

The key is to remember it’s better to have hurt feelings than it is to loose respect for someone. If you can handle the breakup in a manner that is respectful and honest at least the breakup has some dignity.

It’s best for both parties to walk away with respect for one another because hurt feelings will mend with time.