Office-Approved Outfits Comfortable Enough to Work from Home

Loungewear has become a hot topic since quarantine started. Sweatpants, leggings, and hoodies can be seen advertised all over the web, and its clear work from home employees are all in on the cozy trend. While I’m all for a snug set while I’m relaxing, I’m a big fan of dressing for the occasion, and most of the time, that’s work.

A cute yet comfortable outfit can help elevate your style and confidence to reach peak performance even while you’re out of the office. Working from home shouldn’t be an excuse to stay in your pajamas all day. There are comfortable and effortless closet staples that can help you achieve an office-worthy look. Below are six pieces to build office-approved outfits comfortable enough to work from home.

Dreamy dresses

Throwing on a dress is one of the simplest, yet most efficient way to achieve comfort and style. When in doubt, put on a dress. A basic cotton dress can give the impression of a put-together look without compromising your overall comfort. Simply throw your hair up in a bun and your look is complete.

Breathable blouses

If you’re constantly overlooking your blouses when it’s time to get dressed, it’s time to reconsider. Blouses can be an easy way to give the illusion and feel of an intentional outfit. If you’re constantly jumping on Zoom calls, a chic blouse can help you look professional and put together, all while making you feel like a total boss in your home office.

Sassy skirts

If you’re looking for true comfort in your outfit while working from home, skirts are the way to go. Depending on the style, skirts can be comfortable and easy to dress up or down. I love the feminine, yet sophisticated feel of a skirt paired with a good top. Finish the look with some fun shoes for an extra boost of style.

Polished pants

It seems like the deeper we get into quarantine; the more pants seem like a chore. While pants often have the reputation of being stiff and uncomfortable, I’m here to debunk that myth. Pants come in all shapes, styles, and sizes, so finding the one that fits your needs is ideal. Choose pants made with spandex to offer you the comfort and ease of a put-together office look.

Cozy cardigans

I don’t know about you, but as soon as the air conditioner kicks in, I’m cold. That’s why it’s always good to have some sort of jacket handy. While blazers might not be the most comfortable options to work from home in, cardigans are a comfy and chic alternative. Layer it over your dress or a cute outfit for an overall put-together look.

Simple shoes

No outfit is complete without a chic pair of shoes to go with it. I know wearing shoes while stuck in the house all day seems silly, but there is a strong association between wearing shoes and feeling like you’re at work. Remember that comfort is key while getting dressed to work from home, so a simple and snug pair of shoes will do the trick.