No Gym, No Problem – How to Work Out from Home without Equipment

I think it’s safe to say COVID-19 (aka coronavirus) has completely shaken our world. Schools are closed, supermarkets shelves are empty, and gyms are shut down indefinitely. If you’re like me, then you relied on the gym for daily workouts. I don’t know about you but getting out of the house to complete my daily workout keeps me accountable.

Unfortunately, there’s no set date as to when all of this will be over. All we can do is make the best of what we have. Now, I’m not saying to throw your routine out the window. Working out from home is completely doable and effective.

There are incredible benefits to continuing your workouts while in quarantine. Working out from home can help ease stress, anxiety, and even depression during these unprecedented times. Below are three easy ways to work out from home without any fancy equipment.

Block out time

One of the best ways to stay on track when working out at home is to time block. Whether you choose to work out for 30 minutes or an hour, blocking out the time will ensure you’ll commit to your workout. Personally, I love working out in the morning. I find I get the most energy and focus from my workout and walk away feeling energized and ready for my day.

If you’re new to time blocking, I highly recommend Google Calendar. It’s a free and easy to use digital planner that allows you to schedule things into blocks of time. You can even get creative and color coordinate each item.

Find free content

Fortunately, there is endless amazing content available to all of us for free. Whether you like guided instructor videos on YouTube, or prefer a general guide on an app, there’s something out there for you. Do you follow your favorite fitness instructor on Instagram? Chances are, they’re providing free workout videos for you to stream and follow during these times.

Remember to be gentle with yourself and your body. Working out from home comes easy to some, while it’s a challenge to others. Give yourself grace and remember that consistency is key, especially when it comes to workouts.

Keep yourself accountable

One of the biggest reasons why I love the gym is because paying a monthly membership keeps me accountable. That’s why it’s important to find that same accountability during these uncertain times. Whether it’s your partner, friend, or co-worker, find someone who you can regularly check in with to stay motivated.

While working out from home isn’t for everybody, it’s important to get your body moving during the quarantine. Trust me, your mind, body, and spirit will thank you later.