Morning Routines that Help Boost Your Confidence

A successful morning has the power to set the tone for your entire day. It’s the foundation for the day that lies ahead, and it’s up to us to build habits, practices, and routines to boost our confidence, mood, and productivity.

Mature woman is having the morning coffee at home

Since becoming an entrepreneur, I’ve learned that confidence is an essential part of believing in myself and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, student, or employee, it’s time you believe in yourself too.  

Below are five morning routines you can implement to help you boost your confidence.  

Wake up early

As a morning person, I’m a big advocate for early wake-up times. I believe that to set your day up for success, you must rise with ample time to get everything done. As a mom to an active and energetic 7-year-old, I’ve learned that waking up before my daughter is key to getting a head start on my day.

Work out

We all know that exercise releases endorphins. These trigger positive feelings in the body, which is a great way to start any day. If you deal with any sort of anxiety, like me, then exercise is crucial to your mental state. Morning workouts boost my mood, energy, and overall productivity.

Dress up

woman trying on designer dressOne of the greatest benefits of being a personal stylist is seeing my clients go through the transformation of being self-conscious to confident. Clothes play a big role in our daily lives, and if you don’t use it to your benefit, it can quickly drag your self-esteem. Take the time to dress up and do what you need to feel your best.

Set an intention

Setting intentions has been one of the hardest habits to build. As someone who is usually on the move, I find it difficult to slow down and do mental work. However, just like with meditation, it’s important to be kind to yourself and start small. An intention can be repurposed day after day, you don’t have to be constantly creating new ones. If you’re finding it hard to get started. Find inspiration online.

Repeat positive affirmations

If you deal with negative thoughts as soon as you wake up, you’re not alone. My mind is constantly moving at lighting speed, so it’s important for me to create reminders for it to be kinder. Repeating positive affirmations in the morning has helped me remember that things aren’t as bad as my mind paints them to be.