Five Essentials for an Efficient Home Office

There are countless benefits to working from home. From flexible schedules to minimal commuting, working from home is one of my favorite perks of being an entrepreneur. This perk can also come with its challenges.

If you’re currently working from home or are planning to make the switch soon, there are a few things you should keep in mind when creating your home office. Below are five essentials for an efficient work from home space.

Block enough space

Finding extra space is never an easy task in our already crowded homes, but it’s essential to ensure you’re productive, efficient, and comfortable. Make sure that your home office space allows for bulky items like a desktop, note pads, and a printer. Feel free to move things around to make your space work for you.

Minimize distractions

One of the biggest challenges I’ve endured since working from home has been dealing with distractions. Whether it’s the dishes in the kitchen, my overflowing inbox, or my tempting list of errands, it’s important to create a space where distractions are minimized. Finding a quiet corner of the house can help.


Beuatifull woman at the office celebrating her success

No one wants to stare at a blank wall all day. Take the time to personalize your workspace with items that inspire, motivate, and encourage you. Pictures of family, a vision board, and even a plant can transform your home office into one you’re excited to work from every day.


Use soothing scents

I’ve been a big fan of aromatherapy and essential oils over the last few years. I can truly say that different scents provoke different results, and I use them daily. Whether it’s an essential oil diffuser or an aromatherapy hand lotion, use what works for you.

Keep it organized

One of the biggest reasons for distraction and overwhelm is a messy workspace. Declutter your desk as much as possible, leaving only essentials at arm’s reach. Also, make it a habit to clean up after yourself after every workday. You’ll notice the difference it makes to your focus, mood, and overall productivity.