Spring Cleaning Office Clutter

You might have already cleaned out your closet, but what many of us forget about is spring cleaning our office at work.

We spend so much time at work, and many of us bring things from home to help make our work space more comfortable and productive.

But as the year goes on, we tend to hold onto things we might need in the future, and accumulate a whole filing cabinet worth of papers in our desk drawers.

This spring, don’t forget to clean out office clutter and make your space clean and fresh. Start by going through one drawer at a time to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed.

As you go through your drawers throw out items that are broken, no longer needed, or outdated. Once each drawer is clean of the trash, organize your items in a way that makes sense for your work and productivity.

Keep supplies in one drawer, important documents in another, and so on until your drawers are clean and tidy. Consider getting drawer organizers to help keep things from just being dumped in.

Clean out your file cabinets by sorting through the papers and tossing what’s no longer needed. Make sure your files are not damaged, replace ones that are, and re-organize tabs for new documents.

When it comes to items on your desk, keep the necessities out and the rest in a drawer. Things like pens, Post-it notes, and any other supplies you use often should be within arm’s length.

Also, don’t forget to keep a few cleaning supplies like disinfectant wipes on hand. Use these to wipe down your computer, desk and phone.

Leave room for a few personal items like a family photo or your favorite candle. Whatever helps make the space your own while staying clutter free is the best way to feel productive and less stressed.

When you keep a clean and organized office space you allow your workflow to stay organized. You run less of a risk for things to get lost, damaged, or worse go unnoticed and become incomplete.