Art of Communication article on SmartFem magazineTongue tied, speechless, too afraid to say something…feelings that have been shared by all of us, during at least one point in our lives.  Communicating isn’t always easy to do- whether being with a significant other, close friend or business acquaintance; saying what is on your mind can be a daunting task.

Luckily, communication isn’t just about talking- it focuses around being able to listen, exchange information, and understand nonverbal signs. Here are a few helpful tips when trying to keep a conversation with another person.


While engaging in a conversation make sure you are actively listening to what the other person is saying. Too often am I talking to someone whose eyes are glued to their smartphones-unable to even pretend interested. Eye contact, nodding, smiling, and asking questions are great ways to be an attentive audience.

Be Honest

Honesty is key- if there is an issue weighing heavy on your heart you should share it with your target audience. But, make sure you keep in mind the way you are delivering your message. Speaking from anger could cause your words to sound harsher than intended. If you are angry take a few moments to write out your thoughts; by the time you’ve finished you will be able to express them in a calm manner.

Nonverbal Signs 

Have you ever wanted to know exactly what someone was feeling? We, as humans, are constantly showing our emotions even if we don’t mean to. If someone isn’t giving you eye contact or their body is turned in the complete opposite direction, it could mean they are uninterested. If their arms are folded while speaking they could be feeling defensive and a change in tone may be beneficial. Knowing what these nonverbal signs mean can help tremendously when trying to understand other’s emotions.

Communication keeps this fast paced world of ours moving. We need to be able to communicate in order to live and these suggestions could help grow one’s confidence for communicating effectively.