you are one of the many minors who looks for dates digitally, then I have some bad news for you!

Tinder has now changed their policy. The popular application is only welcoming members who are 18 and over. Honestly, I had no idea that minors were even allowed on this site in the first place. It sounds like things could get a little creepy, right? Well supposedly 13-17 year old’s were only able to get matched up with other 13-17 year old’s.

Still, how easy would it be to lie about your age on Tinder? And does it really make it better that a 17 year old could be potentially matched with a 13 year old? No, no, no! Doesn’t sound too good to me. Especially because some states have laws against individuals dating with a 3 to 4 year age gap. Tinder needed to adapt in order to minimize risks and become more conscious of some laws. It seems appropriate that Tinder has changed, which is why they proudly released this official statement.

“On a platform that has facilitated over 11 billion connections, we have the responsibility of constantly assessing our different user experiences. Consistent with this responsibility, we have decided to discontinue service for under 18 users. We believe this is the best policy moving forward. This change will take effect next week.”

I think this change in age is for the best. But I do wonder if this will stop minors from using Tinder. Like I mentioned above, it’s all too easy to change your age. Especially when all you have to do is make it up on a form of social media. A rebellious teen would have no trouble getting past this new policy, but I hope that doesn’t happen.

Tinder is a fun application but it’s important to make sure that every user is safe and following the rules.