Dr. Rick Brown Phoenix Plastic SurgerySmartFem expert on plastic surgery Dr. Rick Brown talks about teenage rhinoplasty and the things teens and their parents should consider before going through with a life changing procedure.


Deciding to undergo plastic surgery at any age is a major decision. Deciding as a teenager adds a few more considerations. While each patient’s situation is unique, it is important to consider the physical and emotional maturity of each teenager.

While there may be a lot of scrutiny behind the idea of going under the knife at a young age, there are a handful of reasons it is acceptable for a teen to get plastic surgery. With physical appearance playing such a big role in our society, looks can either be a blessing or a curse. Many people believe the nose is an individual’s most prominent feature, and can greatly affect an individual’s  self-esteem.

There are a couple of things to consider when deciding to go through with the procedure.

Physical Maturity- As a teen, it is essential to look at the physical maturity of the face. I would not operate on a nose where growth had not stabilized. Continued growth after Rhinoplasty can result in nasal changes, altering the final product. Also, operating before growth has finished has the potential to disrupt facial growth, resulting in the possibility of flattened cheekbones and problems with alignment of the upper and lower jaw.TeenageRhinoplasty

Emotional Maturity- Emotional maturity is just as important to consider. The nose is a primary focal point on the face and undergoing Rhinoplasty will change the appearance forever. It is important to go into the surgery understanding that the procedure is usually irreversible and you will have a new normal to get used to.

Appropriate Age- Most surgeons feel that for women, an age of 15-17 and for men, an age of 16-18 is usually appropriate. Again, each patient is examined on a case-by-case basis and each might present very unique circumstances. Earlier intervention might be necessary for significant nasal deformities, deviation of the septum and difficulty breathing. Other factors that could require operating before these ages include nasal birth defects or post traumatic nasal injuries.

It is always important to seek the advice of a board certified plastic surgeon. Talk with your parents. If you both decide that Rhinoplasty might be the solution, consult a doctor specializing in Rhinoplasty surgery.