Mompreneur Tips for Successful Work-Life Integration

As working moms, we’ve all come to accept that work-life balance isn’t truly attainable. Sure, we hear other moms talk about it, but none have mastered the art. Work-life integration is different. Instead of balancing our responsibilities, we’re blending them.

Finding a healthy work-life mix has never been more relevant. With both parents working and children learning from home, managing those major responsibilities can be tricky, and, at times, discouraging.

If you’ve been struggling with balancing your work and family life, you’re probably ready for some change. Below are five mompreneur tips for successful work-life integration.

Be flexible

If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s that we must learn to adapt to succeed. Being too stubborn can keep us from enjoying what’s in front of us. By being flexible, you’re able to prioritize the most important task at the moment. Whether it’s helping your child connect to their Zoom class, adjusting your schedule for an important meeting, or simply taking the time you need to recharge.

Take time off

We all think that just because we’re in a pandemic, we don’t deserve to take time off. After all, we can’t plan as many trips as we used to. Regardless of where you can or can’t go, taking time off allows you to recharge and recenter yourself. It allows you to step away from work and refocus on your values.

Time block

If you’re struggling to find that work-life integration, try time blocking. Time blocking is an easy way to set a schedule and stick to it. It keeps you on task from one assignment to the next. In your calendar, you can include everything from assignments to family time, home chores, and self-care. Think of it as your accountability partner that keeps you on your toes.

Set boundaries

Whether you’re working from home or shared office space, setting boundaries can help you get more done during your limited time. Set clear expectations with your family, co-workers, and peers. Explain that you’re on a limited schedule and could use the valuable time to focus. Yes, even kids understand this. Trust me, it’s a game-changer.