Five Priority Areas to Spring Clean Your Home

Nothing says new beginnings like a deep cleaned home. For me, a clean, organized, and disinfected home allows me to clear my mind, feel refreshed, and reduce my anxiety. While cleaning is a part of my daily and weekly tasks, Spring is my annual reminder to do things I don’t already do regularly.

If your home needs a little extra love during spring cleaning, there are key areas you shouldn’t forget about. Below are five priority areas to spring clean your home.


The kitchen is probably one of the most common gathering spots in the home. It’s used daily but is often forgotten when it comes to deep cleaning. Spring cleaning your kitchen means paying close attention to spots you miss during your regular chores. Whether it’s cleaning behind the appliances, decluttering your pantry, or organizing your Tupperware, this is a great opportunity to do some magic.


Like the kitchen, restrooms are a hotspot for germs and should be cleaned regularly. However, there is a great opportunity to deep clean your restrooms during spring cleaning. This is the perfect time to take out those rubber gloves and clean areas you usually miss. Whether it’s those hard to see corners behind the toilet, those high areas in the shower, or throwing out old toothbrushes, there is always room for improvement.

woman decluttering home and donating items


Spring cleaning is the perfect excuse to revisit your closet. Clear the clutter, get rid of items you no longer use and organize the space to fit your lifestyle. Remember to take everything out, go through each item individually, and find a sorting system that works for you. When you’re done with your closet, make time to clean everyone else’s too!


If you’re fortunate enough to have a garage and a car to park in it, you can probably admit it’s not as organized as it could be. A garage is one of those areas that might not be complete in a day, but with the right plan, mindset, and help, you can do it!


If there was only one priority area I could focus on while spring cleaning, it would be the walls. You don’t realize how dirty they get until you step back and observe what clean looks like. Grab a rag, your favorite cleaning products, and clean those walls!