Everything is energy. The human body is just one big Wi-Fi, like a computer. If we could plug you in, you could light up the room or even your neighborhood. We all have a frequency, a vibration. As a matter of fact, everything does. Your energy field radiates around you about five feet in diameter.

What is Energy?When your energy is balanced, you can create true happiness. Creating happiness is a feeling like a wave and all you can think about is that very moment. You can achieve happiness at any time, because every second you are creating a new energy cell in your body. So you are not the same person you were when you started reading this!

Would you like to feel your energy? Would you like to balance your energy? Would you like to create more positive energy? Here are eight simple ways you can find more happiness and create more positive energy starting today.

  1. Conscious breathing creates moving energy. Many doctors are now telling patients to practice exercises that are all about breathing like Tai Chi and Yoga because of its relaxing anti-stressful nature.
  2. Connect and focus on the good around you, not on the bad. Be in appreciation for all that you have, especially you! Imagine having a popular restaurant move into your neighborhood. All the parking, people, and noise – there’s so much energy everywhere. Take the time to witness all of this energy and see the positive side of the restaurant: the jobs, the energy of fun, and the community it’s creating. Just stay in that energy of appreciation of all the new energy flowing around you.
  3. Putting a smile on your face helps create Chi, which is a form of higher frequency energy, also known as vibe-life forces energy. Take a moment out of your busy day and just smile or think of something happy. You’ll notice how good it feels. Smiling works your facial muscles, too. J
  4. Energy HandsGood deeds and generosity can generate increased happiness. What you do for others creates happy emotional feelings.
  5. Food is another way of being happy. It strengthens you and helps you increase your energy. Be in appreciation while you are paying, eating, and preparing food – just enjoy the entire experience.
  6. Take a dance lesson or a class you have always wanted to take. Treat yourself!
  7. Buy a rose a week for your office or your home. A happy flower will brighten up any room.
  8. Don’t dwell on unhappy things or negative energy; shift your thinking to happy thoughts.

Emotional vibration rises when you’re happy. When we connect to our emotions, we create better health, better choices, and better energy. So if you’re ready to create happiness and feel more of your own positive energy, just try one or more of the 8 ways listed above. You’ll notice changes right away and begin to feel the happy energy flow more easily to you. Shine on!

LightWorkers Gifts~ Angel Marie