Beyoncé’s New Athletic Clothing Line Promotes Diverse Models

Beyoncé’s new athletic line has a unique group of models and people are all for it.

The line, called Ivy Park, is the co-creation of Beyoncé and the retail giant Topshop. The line sports a collection of athletic wear that can also be worn as casual wear.

Now in its second season, Ivy Park just launched its fall campaign ad showcasing four lucky models who are the faces of this season’s line.

Among them is 64-year-old dancer Karen McDonald, who is known for her lengthly career as a dancer and instructor. But the main face for the fall campaign is activist and actress Laverne Cox.

Known for her role on “Orange is the New Black,” and her outspoken views on transgender rights, Cox is the face of the Ivy Park line and people are loving it.

When Cox announced her partnership with Ivy Park via Instagram, people gave a thumbs up for Beyoncé casting two models who defy the norms within the fashion world.

Many industries within the entertainment field have been known to be particularly hard on women, with ageism, sexism, and whitewashing practices creating an uproar within the industry.

Hollywood has also seen many actresses recently decide to take a stand and speak out about the challenges they face to secure roles once they are past a certain age.

Equal pay, sexism, and earning screen time are all factors actresses are addressing, hoping that change will soon follow.

Hollywood has seen some positive gestures lately. Actress Emma Stone spoke out regarding her male co-stars agreeing to take pay cuts so she could earn equal pay.

Silver screen goddess Jessica Lange has also shown Hollywood that age is just a number with her recent roles on “American Horror Story” and “Feud.”

So far many strides have been the result of celebs choosing to venture into work behind the scenes, taking into consideration the struggles they faced.

Hopefully we will continue to see more projects with diversity at the forefront.