What is Your Sixth Sense?

Through expanding my Psychic senses my whole life, I have learned how to trust what I feel. Trusting your feelings is the key to developing and understanding your Sixth Sense.

Notice that I use the word “feel” rather than “think”. Words and thoughts are the languages of the mind. Feelings are the language of the Soul, also known as Clairsentience. When you think, you are analyzing with the mind and you can talk yourself in or out of anything. When you feel through your Sixth Sense you receive insight and a knowing within. One feeling is worth a thousand words of information.

We have the five physical senses of taste, touch, hearing, sight, and scent. We also have the metaphysical senses that combine to be known as the Sixth Sense. Our physical senses help us to connect and interact with this physical life experience. Our Sixth Sense helps us to connect with our spiritual experience in our everyday living.

Let us explore what goes on when you are using your Sixth Sense. Use your imagination and have an open mind. In your Mind’s Eye, I want you to take yourself to a favorite place that you love and see if you can see it clearly in your mind. If you can recall the memory, then you are using your Clairvoyant ability (clear seeing), which is the ability to see things in your Mind’s Eye.

Hear the honk of a horn, a dog bark or a doorbell ring. If you can hear that, then you are using your Clairaudient ability (clear hearing). Can you smell the scent of a rose, fresh cut grass, or Grandma’s delicious cookies? If you are able to smell them, then you’re using your Clairalience (clear smelling) ability.

Picture yourself biting into a lemon. If you can you taste sour, then you are already using your Clairgustance (clear tasting) ability. You also have the sense of “skin vision” or as it may be known as Clairtangency (clear touching). Anything that you physically touch is registered in your cells and it may be recalled at any time. You may feel the rough texture of the bark of a tree or the smoothness of porcelain. Claircognizance (clear knowing) is information that you just KNOW without knowing how you know.

There are many examples of Claircognizance. You may know that a friend shouldn’t go on a particular trip because your Sixth Sense is giving you warning signs and then, their travel plans end up getting canceled due to weather conditions. You may feel that you are going to receive a new job opportunity and then you check your emails and find the job invitation.

When you learn to be more aware of your Sixth Sense, you will find a stronger connection to life with a more daily awareness of your experiences. You never turn your Sixth Sense off. However, you can always turn the volume down so that you are not distracted by these feelings of information. You can learn to work with your abilities to have a richer and fuller life.

When you have a gut feeling about something, go with it and see what happens. Do this on the little things first, and then get some validation. So when the big life-changing circumstances are in your life, you can be comfortable trusting in your Sixth Sense. You want to use your abilities with comfort as you develop them.

Most importantly, have fun with using your Sixth Sense! It will guide you nicely and remember the right answer is just a feeling away. I used to give my “two cents worth” of information in a conversation. Now I give my Sixth Sense.