Psychic vs Mediumship

Have you ever had that gut feeling in your stomach or a picture that floated through your MindScape about something?

At the time, you may not have understood what the “feeling” or “picture” was or what it was connected to. Then, the very same scene that you saw in your MindScape happens, or an experience makes you feel the same way in your stomach that you felt before.

That’s psychic!

You were receiving information before the experience happened. You were picking up on the potential of what was going to happen in the future. Even though you did not know what the feeling was connected to, you had the information before it occurred. Everyone is a Psychic.

By profession, I am a Psychic Medium and I have been using my abilities my entire life. When I read for someone psychically, I tune into their energy field and pick up on their thoughts and their attention to those thoughts, which creates vibrations of information and I read them. That is what you may feel when you first meet someone and you either like them or you don’t. The person doesn’t even have to say a word. You will “feel” their energy.

The thoughts that you think are information that you send out to the Universe. The Universe responds back by placing the people, circumstances, and experiences that match the thoughts that you are sending out. You may avoid the person who you do not feel comfortable with.

You may spend more time with those people that you do like and feel good to you. This is how you naturally use your psychic abilities.

Life is a mirror of what you tend to focus on in your reality. Shift your focus and you will create a whole new reality! You can use your psychic energy to manifest the life that you want.


Was there ever a time when you were just sitting there and you “felt” like someone was watching you? Have you ever seen flashes of light or shadows that move out of the corner of your eye?

That may be a loved one from “the other side.” Mediumship is when you consciously connect with a being, spirit or entity outside of a physical body.

Mediumship is a receiving of the mental thoughts that your loved ones, who are connected to you, are sending to you. It is a telepathic communication between this side and on the other side.

If you talk with God, Jesus and/or the Angels, you are doing Mediumship! And I bet with those kinds of Mediumship connections, you are hoping for life-changing miracles and instant communication.


As a Medium, your loved ones on the other side will show me pictures in my mind, talk to me in my mind and make me feel things. Like you have the five physical senses, you have five metaphysical senses, known as the sixth sense, that your loved ones use for communication from the other side. They share feelings, experiences, and characteristics of their lives to share with you.


The Mediumship connection is all mental information, just like the Psychic connection is all mental information.

We are all Psychic Mediums.

If you have a Soul, then you’re a Psychic Medium. The only difference between a Psychic reading and a Mediumship reading is a Psychic reading is about people in this life and a Mediumship reading is about people in the afterlife.

Thoughts that are being sent, read and felt for a great communication with your loved ones and with the Universe create a whole new reality in each moment.

As a Scientific and Evidential Psychic Medium, I can say that I and others of like mind, are bringing more awareness to humanity and to you so that the connections that you wish to have with your loved ones and your future are only a thought away.