Beautiful woman thinking in kitchenThroughout our lives, since our early childhood days, we have cooed, babbled and talked to ourselves. Some of us even had an imaginary friend to converse with.

As adults talking to ourselves may seem odd, but self talk is actually very important. Even more so is the act of speaking positive words to ourselves.

If we become frustrated or annoyed with ourselves we tend to use negative statements such as, “I’m stupid,” or “I can’t believe I made this mistake.”

However, it is important to remember that although we may be frustrated with ourselves, we must look at our experiences in a positive way, and find the silver lining in a dark cloud.

For example, telling yourself that you tried your hardest regardless of the outcome during a challenging time is a much more positive thought than telling yourself something negative.

The next process is learning to let go. That means letting go of certain dreams, people, or experiences that you’ve had in your life that were negative. Learning to let go means learning that it is okay to forgive yourself or someone else who has hurt you.

By moving on from a situation, or leaving behind a toxic friendship, it means that you’re learning not to harbor anger and pain any longer. Toxic situations and relationships only hurt you.

Fear can hinder us from reaching our full potential, and create a rut where we are not experiencing positive moments in our lives.

Think about the advice you would give to a friend or a colleague when they are going through something difficult in their lives. Helping them learn to let go and move on from something toxic is great advice to give.

Using humor or helping them find the lesson learned from a difficult situation can be extremely helpful too.Positive Attitude Note Shows Optimism Or Belief

Positive self talk also reflects the way we believe in who we are within the universe.

A positive faith or belief system can make an enormous difference during stressful times. Whether you have a religious faith, spiritual path, or a support system, this can help you through the challenging times in your life.

Some people may pray, use nature as a spiritual path, exercise, or meditate to release tension or sadness.

No matter what method you choose to use, using positive self talk in order to believe in yourself and grow from challenging life experiences is a healthy way to build confidence and navigate through this world.