Ways Our Dogs Communicate With Us

Even though they can’t verbally speak to us, dogs still find ways to communicate with us to let us know when they are happy, sad, frightened, or excited.

When we really pay attention to our fur babies, we learn their behavior and mannerisms so much so that we can start to speak their language and understand them when they are trying to get our attention.

Here are a few ways our pups communicate with us.

Eye contact

When your dog makes eye contact with you it means they trust you. It can also be taken as a form of showing love for you. A lack of eye contact, or looking away when called, can mean they are scared or nervous.

Tongue flicking

If your pup is often licking their mouth or flicking their tongue it could mean they are feeling anxious about something. Dogs tend to do this when they notice your body language suggesting you are mad at them, or when they feel as though they have done something wrong.

Going belly up

We all know when a dog goes belly up they are usually looking for a belly rub, but did you know this is also a sign of being submissive? When a dog exposes his belly it means they are being passive with you and don’t perceive you as a threat.

Whining or whimpering

This can mean a lot of different things, and the key to figuring out what your dog needs is to pay attention to his body language. Whining by a door could mean they need to go out to use the bathroom. Whining when left alone could mean your pup is feeling some separation anxiety while you are gone.

Leaning against you

When you pup leans all their weight against your body that is their way of cuddling and getting close to you. Dogs show their affection by getting as close to their person as possible. Consider it a hug!

Freezing suddenly

When your dog freezes suddenly that means they are being alerted to something and are being extra observant of what’s going on. Freezing in the middle of an action, like chewing a bone, can also mean they want to be left alone and to please maintain distance.

These are just some of the ways our furry friends communicate with us, and it’s wonderful to know that much of the communication revolves around telling us how much they love us. That’s why dogs are man’s best friend!