More Women Are Bringing Home The Bacon

Not surprisingly, more women are bringing home the bacon while their husbands stay home, according to NowThis Money. The rise in more women out-earning their spouses has been steadily increasing since 2010.

The Pew Research Center discovered that 20 percent of women were earning more than their husbands in 2010, a 5 times rise since 1970. The article, written by The Guardian, also concluded that more women were more educated than their spouse as well.

Since 2010, the rise in women bringing home a higher income than their male counterpart continues, as does more women earning degrees and becoming powerful players within the work force.

Currently, 37 percent of women out-earn their partners when it comes to income. And when it comes to higher education, 56 percent of college students are women, many of whom end up being more educated than their spouse. 

However, even though more women are outnumbering men when it comes to the college degree, men still earn more than women do.

But it looks like the roles are slowly changing for the better. Although the overall percent of women out-earning men is still low, the good news is it’s increasing with time.

And even the archaic thought that men should earn more than women is dying out. Only 28 percent of people believe men should still out-earn their wives and bring home the bulk of the bacon.

But women being high earners is not something that will slow down. In fact, 55 percent of women say they feel more independent when earning more than their spouse. The number of stay-at-home dads has also increased to more than double since 1989.

Ironically enough, with all these wonderful strides forward for women and changing the cultural norm, millennial women worry about earning more than their partner for fear of emasculating them.

Much of this steams from the idea that men should still be the family provider, but most households find that it takes dual income to make ends meet, especially if the couple has children.

No one should ever feel ashamed for earning what they are worth. And today we are seeing more women be major game-changers in the workforce and being one of the main breadwinners in their household.