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Life’s changes are transitions that are defined by our friends and loved ones, our environment, our health and our important possessions. Upgrading our car and adopting a puppy was a great way to emphasize the other happy changes in our life.

The past few years have been exciting but 2014 has been amazing. My new husband Paul and I have been partners in SmartFem Magazine for about three years now.  We watched our magazine grow along with our wonderful staff and our amazing experts.

Before heading out to Santa Barbara to tie the knot, Paul and I decided to get a more practical car we could drive together, haul around our camera equipment and have something new and luxurious. We researched the types of cars we were interested in and then decided to trade in each of our personal vehicles to buy our first vehicle as a wedding gift to each other.

Coye and Lea_400

Coye Pointer of Scottsdale Airpark Dodge with Lea

Many people dread the car buying experience and I admit that some of my experiences over the years were not great ones. We are fortunate, however, to know Coye Pointer of Scottsdale Airpark Dodge Chrysler Jeep and the decision to buy from him was a simple one. It’s really great to have a friend in the auto business.

Although this is our first car purchased from Airpark Dodge we have worked with them many times and Coye Pointer has always been there for the charities and events when SmartFem and the community needed him.

When we set out that afternoon we thought we would purchase a new car but we learned that Airpark Dodge is also one of the leading dealers in Scottsdale for pre-owned cars and saw their amazing selection of very high end and almost new luxury and exotic cars right out in front of the store.  Our timing seemed perfect when we spotted a fully loaded Pearl White 2012 Nissan Murano with low mileage displayed right in front of the store.  It was love at first sight for me but my husband hesitated as he passed the sporty and retro late model Dodge Challenger parked next to it. It was, however, his idea to look for a luxury crossover so I knew what he really wanted. The Murano had all the features we wanted such as sunroof, touch screen, voice activated navigation, keyless ignition and smart entry.  The best part was that as a pre-owned car we could get the top of the line in luxury and performance for the cost of an entry level new car.


Paul and Lea in Santa Barbara

As Coye came out and greeted us we had already made up our mind but that didn’t stop him from giving us a great deal on our purchase and trade ins. It was easy breezy and hardly took anytime at all.  We were in and out of the dealership within about 40 minutes. Coye sent two of Airpark’s staff, Paul and Noel to our home to pick up our vehicle trade ins. We came in the following day to finish the paperwork and then off to Santa Barbara the next day to our wedding. It was the fastest, friendliest and most efficient car dealership experience we have ever had.

At SmartFem we strive to work only with the best and most women friendly businesses and are very happy to recommend Scottsdale Airpark Dodge Chrysler Jeep and of course Alpha Romeo and Fiat of Scottsdale which are co-located. I met many happy Scottsdale Airpark customers during their 9th annual Jeep Jamboree this past October.   I have to say that when the time comes to buy again— Airpark is on my speed dial.  Once you have this kind of experience you will never go anywhere else.  Big heart-felt thanks to Coye and his team for making our new life so special! Drop in and say hello and tell them Lea sent you. It’s always good to have a friend in the car business.