Summer Road Trip Essentials You’ll Be Glad You Packed Before a Long Drive

Memorial Day is right around the corner. The federal holiday, dedicated to honoring those who have died in American wars, is recognized by many as the unofficial start of summer. If you plan on hitting the road to celebrate the long weekend like millions of others across the country, don’t leave your house without the set of practical tools and items that will come in handy during your long drive.

Even the most organized travelers forget some of the basics. Below are seven essentials that’ll help you make the most out of your summer road trip.

A smartphone – with a downloaded offline map

Most adults own a smartphone and very rarely leave their house without it. However, not too many of us think about a backup plan in case the phone lacks service during the drive, especially while cruising through a less populated area. If you rely on your phone for directions and step-by-step instructions to reach your destination, don’t forget to download an offline map on Google Maps. So, you can continue receiving assistance even without a signal.  

Healthy snacks

Impulse shopping for snacks at the nearest gas station always leads to unhealthy food choices. If you’re on a restricted diet and should steer clear of specific ingredients or allergens, you’re better off packing your road trip snacks in advance. Keep a lunch bag or small cooler stocked with your go-to foods for a stress-free snacking dilemma.

Reusable water bottle

Insulated water bottles come in handy in any occasion, but especially while on the go. In addition to the environmental benefits of reusable water bottles, they also help keep your water colder longer, ensuring you stay hydrated while on the go. Plus, many gas stations and restaurants let you refill your water bottle for free, helping you save money, too!

Travel blankets

Road trips are fun, but they’re also tiring. That’s why I love traveling with blankets because they make it easy to get comfortable in compact spaces. Blankets can also help you protect your skin from the sun when you’re driving toward the breathtaking sunset.

Multiple forms of payment

There’s nothing as frustrating as getting to the front of the checkout line only to see a bold ‘CASH ONLY’ sign staring back at you. If you’re anything like me, then you probably rely solely on digital forms of payment. Don’t risk being turned away empty-handed. Keep cash and cards handy while on the road. You’ll thank me later.

Roadside emergency kit

Our cars are our greatest tool during a road trip, so having the proper supplies to attend to unexpected emergencies can get you out of sticky situations. Whether you need jumper cables to power up your car or triangle reflectors to stay safe on the side of the road, a roadside emergency kit should be in every traveler’s car.

Motion sickness products

If you’re prone to motion sickness, packing some preventative products is essential. Dramamine and Dramamine Kids are my family’s go-to motion sickness treatment during travel. Keep them handy and avoid upset travelers while on the road.