Stay Close To Your Pet With These Fun Cameras

For dog owners, leaving for work in the morning is always the hardest part of the day. You look at your fur baby’s little eyes as they stare up at you, looking sad and aware that you are leaving them for the next eight or so hours.

The little pain you feel right in the heart stings, but you know you have to go to work so you can afford to buy them all those overly expensive chew toys they love so much.

Luckily, with the help of modern day technology, there are wonderful cameras you can set up in your home that allow you to interact with your pooch during the day, and even reward their good behavior with a treat!

Here are a few at-home cameras to help make the work day easier for you and your pup.

Furbo Dog Camera $199

This camera is one of the more expensive ones on the market, but it currently holds the title for an Amazon Best Seller. This device allows you to live stream HD video to your phone so you can see how your pup is doing in real time. You even get to chat with them, so should you catch them destroying another pillow, you can actually command them to stop. The device also allows you to toss them a treat, and alerts you if something is up with its bark meter, which signals to you when your dog is barking and seemingly in distress.

Petcube Bites $149

Coming in at a slightly less price tag as the Furbo, this camera is a big bang for the buck. It provides users with HD quality video, and also comes with a night vision setting should you find yourself out on the town and want to check in after the sun has set. Petcube also tosses treats, has two-way audio for voice commands, and can even be synched with Amazon Alexa.

Guardzilla Pet Monitor $59

This no-fuss camera comes with the basics for those who just want to be able to check in on their pet. Although the camera won’t dispense treats, it will allow you to view your pet in real time, adjusts and enables night vision, and has a motion sensor to help you keep track of where Fido is during the day. It even allows you to customize settings based on your pet’s normal activity and sends you notifications to keep you updated throughout the day.