Simple Steps to Proactively Living Life

So many of us can find ourselves just existing and sometimes surviving a life that wears us down and tires us out. Do you find yourself saying;

“I had 12 hours of sleep and yet I still feel tired.”

“I just don’t have the enthusiasm for life, and I feel like an observer.”

“Rather than living the game of life, I just feel like I am sitting on the bleachers and watching life go by without feeling connected.”

When you have these thoughts enough, you may feel numb to life and not know what and how you feel about people, circumstances and situations. On average, many people live in a reactive state of experience. In a reactive state, here is how many people process life; “When I have this job or career, I will feel successful and when I have this amount of money, I will feel wealthy.”

You will wait for that outside circumstance of the money or the job manifesting in your life to “feel” successful and abundant.

In a proactive state, you will begin to “feel” successful and abundant before it is manifesting in your life. You will be sending out a thought vibe of success and abundance that will co-create with others in life and bring you the people, circumstances, and experiences into your life that help to manifest your dreams and aspirations by the way that you are “feeling” rather than just “thinking” about the thoughts of success.

Just because you feel something does not mean that you are “making” people come in and help you to manifest your dreams. When you begin to put this insight to the test in your own life and start to get a result of more positive experiences, then you will be more willing to take more time to not only see the success but to feel the vibe of success.

Another technique that people do is a meditation to create a better life. They become very good at seeing the abundance and success the whole time that they are meditating, sometimes for hours with clear visualizations. Then the rest of the day, they are thinking this, “I have to pay the bills and I still need to come up with more money. I don’t have enough money and my job stinks!” Then they wonder why they get more of the lack rather than the abundance.

Do the best that you can to stay on the successful and abundant channels and let them play in your life. The more you can feel the successful vibe, the stronger the energy is to help create more of the life that you accept and to give you more experiences to match that “feeling” of success and abundance.

If you have ever had an experience in your life where you felt happy, abundant, successful (or any of the qualities that you are looking to feel), take yourself to that memory. Experience and sit and vibe with the energy. Feel the energy. You are not making things up. You are recalling a reality that has already happened.  You are already a success! Think about the positive thoughts, feel the abundant vibes and watch the fun begin.

Proactively living life will empower you to help yourself and others to live a better, more positive and rewarding life. Can you feel me?!  Let’s do this together and manifest a great life to LIVE!