Arizona Is In A Drought, What You Can Do To Help

Arizona is in a pretty bad drought, and climate experts say it looks like it will continue to last for the time being, according to 12 News.

So far there is a three month outlook that has been reviewed, showing that there doesn’t seem to be much relief in the near future for the severe dryness the state is experiencing.

The forecast for May through July is expected to be 70 percent hotter than it normally is during this time of the year, and this doesn’t help considering May and June are normally Arizona’s driest months.

Although Arizona is no stranger to experiencing a long-term drought, it’s the short-term drought that has experts worried. With wildfire season quickly approaching, the fact that the state is severely dry causes concerns.

The last time Arizona saw this kind of drought was in 2015, but it wasn’t as bad as the worst drought recorded. The years between 1999 and 2002 were the driest on record, when the Rodeo-Chediski Fire broke out and burned 538,049 acres.

This was also when Arizona had a terrible bark beetle outbreak which left forests destroyed.

The beginning of the year is usually when Arizona gets most of its rain outside of monsoon season, but this year the rainfall was little help in balancing out the dry climate.

Right now it’s imperative for spring to bring heavy rainfall, otherwise wildfires will be terrible, and the chances of bark beetles increases immensely.

Luckily the reservoirs are operating at 61 percent full, which is at a level that’s more than what they have operated at in their lifetime.

Arizonans can help by watching their water waste. Always use extra water from bottles to water plants instead of pouring it down the drain.

Check your plumbing to make sure there are not leaks or drips which can waste large amounts of water over time. Also be mindful of appliances and make sure they are set to use their energy efficient settings should they have them.

Cover pools to help with evaporation, take quicker showers, don’t let the water run while doing dishes or brushing your teeth, and turn down or off your irrigation.

Being mindful of your water use will help in a state of severe drought.