SonoranDesertToad mainMonsoon time in the Valley may bring cooler temperatures, but it also brings out one little critter that all pet owners should be aware of.

They’re called the Sonoran Desert toad, or Colorado River toad, and when the rain comes down, the toads come out.

These toads are so dangerous they actually kill more dogs than rattlesnakes, according to 12 News.

The toads secrete poison from their glands, and the poison is especially dangerous to pets should they come into contact with it.

Most dogs who try to play, lick or bite one of these toads will quickly begin to show symptoms, even drinking water out of a bowl a toad has been sitting in can cause a reaction, according to the Pet Poison Help Hotline.

Reactions to the toxin include severe and immediate drooling, foaming at the mouth, hyperthermia, vomiting yellow fluid, diarrhea, dilated pupils, and seizures, according to the Pet Poison Help Hotline.

Pets will begin to show symptoms quickly and getting the animal to a vet is critical.

One technique that can help save a pet’s life is to wash their mouth out with a hose, starting from the corner of the mouth and allowing the water to run down and out of the mouth.

This helps wash away the toxin absorbed in their mouth until they’re seen by a vet.

Keeping an eye out for these guys is the best way to help keep your pet from coming monsooninto contact with them.

The toads like to hide in cool areas and can be found around water. They are a greenish-gray color and fairly large in size.

The best method of prevention is to watch your dog closely when they are outside, especially if you have seen toads in the area.

Keep water bowls inside and only set them out when your pet is outside. Wash the water out often and disinfect the water bowl.

There may not be a way to get rid of these dangerous toads, but being watchful of them will help keep you and your pet safe this monsoon season.