mother-daughter-relationships.Of course! As we get older our relationships change with both of our parents. It’s inevitable. We grow, our parents grow, and we begin to appreciate them more. When we are younger we don’t always see the sacrifices that our parents made for us. The constant pick ups from school, extra curricular activities, sleepovers, and anything else we might have wanted.

And once we aged a little we became teenagers. Ahhh memories! When we found ourselves a part of the “glorified teens” our parents had to deal with the more rebellious side of their children. Sneaking out, slamming doors, and thinking we were more knowledgeable about the world than any one else. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want to deal with my 16 year old self?

Who I was when I was 16 is very different compared to who I am at 22. I look back on my relationships with my parents and realize that somehow through the years my mom has become my best friend. Not everyone has a good relationship with their mothers, some may be toxic but even those toxic relationships have potential to grow. How? The relationship with my mother grew as I grew. Mainly because I realized some key things about my mother.

Mother’s aren’t perfect… They are imperfect and flawed human beings. You shouldn’t put your mother on an incredibly high pedestal thinking she can do no wrong. She, like everyone else, can do wrong but can also do right.

Mother’s actually have lives…Your mother went on a first date once. Your mother used to be a teenager, a 20 year old, a 40 year old, etc. Your mother has dealt with a lot of what you are currently dealing with and once you realize that you’ll feel comfortable enough to tell her anything and everything.

You are your mother…Your mother gave you life and you are just like her, even if you don’t always want to be. The older I get the more I realize the defining pieces of myself are characteristics my mother also has. I will no gladly say, “I’m turning into my mother!”

Your mother will give you the best advice because she knows and loves you more than anyone else. You can trust what she says and that’s a rare thing.