Protective Vest Keeps Dogs Safe From Coyotes

Living in Arizona we are all too familiar with coyotes, which are natives to urban desert living. And coexisting with coyotes means we’ve all heard about someone’s beloved furry friend being the victim of a coyote attack.

In fact that’s exactly what happened to one San Diego couple while they were at their local dog park. What started as an afternoon of fun quickly turned into tragedy when their dog Buffy was suddenly attacked by a coyote.

Paul and Pamela Mott watched as their dog was quickly carried away by a coyote and never seen again. After experiencing something so traumatizing, the couple decided they had to not only keep their three other dogs safe, but ensure no other pet owner expereinced such a horrific attack like they did.

With a little ingenuity, the CoyoteVest was created. Made from Kevlar, the vest securely fastens around the body of the dog to protect them from predators.

But the design doesn’t stop there. The vest also has spiked lining on each side of the dog’s body, as well as around their neck. “Whiskers,” which are nylon straws similar to broom bristles, can be added to the top of the vest to keep predators from biting or attacking, as well as deter hawks from attempting to grab a dog via its back.

People who are especially concerned about coyote attacks can purchase a coyote zapper which provides a shock to any animal that might attempt to bite or attack your pet.

The vests come in various sizes to fit any size dog and can even be worn by cats. Each defense item is attached to the vest using industrial strength Velcro.

Now is the time when coyote activity will be noticeably ramping up as they are most active during this time of year. Their mating season is mid-February, and the pups are usually born mid-April.

By early summer pups are leaving their dens and exploring the new world, meaning coyote packs will be active and mother coyotes will be more protective of their young.

Vests can be purchased through their website and range from $69.95 and up depending on the size of the vest. Accessories are sold separately.

For more information check out the video below.