The best part of a relationship is the beginning.

It’s the part where everyone is at their happiest because feelings are developing and those little butterflies in your stomach are coming out to play. Texting is fun again, dates are exciting and conversations aren’t necessarily as “deep.” I think the beginning of anything is always the best, but everything has its struggles.

In case you were curious, here is a list of the top struggles of a new relationship.

  1. Learning each other’s quirks. Or rather, learning how to love each other’s quirks. Understanding what makes your partner happy, annoyed, excited, etc. is one of my favorite parts of a new relationship… but it can also be the trickiest.
  2. Switching from being independent to slightly dependent. Being single is an absolute blast…for some people! Starting a new and committed relationship means putting your single self away (or up on a shelf just in case the relationship ends).
  3. The pressure of having to impress the other person. The beginning of a new relationship can make you a little insecure. You want to look your best and be your best; especially if you really like the guy.
  4. Getting comfortable. Most people don’t automatically feel comfortable at the start of a relationship. It might even take a couple of months before your significant other even sees you without makeup.
  5. Meeting the family. What if his mother doesn’t like you? The pressure is on for meeting the parents and can be one of the most stressful parts of a new relationship. But, you gotta do it. Just put on your Sunday dress and your sincerest smile and meet the family. I personally say sooner than later just to get it over with!
  6. friends.cast.image.Meeting the friends. Meeting the friends is important because we trust our friends’ opinions more than anyone else. If the friends like you then everything should be smooth sailing, especially if you like the friends! Nothing but chill brunches to come.
  7. Having to think of more than just yourself. When you are single you are pretty much living for yourself. You are able to do what you want to do when you want to do it. Being in a relationship means you have to compromise with another person and that can be challenging.
  8. Fear of moving too fast. A new relationship can be great because of all the emotions you have. But it’s important to make sure your feelings are real. It’s easy to get love confused with lust which is why it’s important to move a little slower to make sure it’s real for both of you.