1. bad.relationship.image.You find yourself constantly defending your relationship. “It’s not that he’s not treating me right, he is just busy with work and he’s never really been a super romantic guy.” Sound familiar? Do you constantly have to defend your relationship to your friends and family? Or worse, do you have to defend it to yourself? Consider for a minute…is the relationship really worth defending?
  2. Your partner would be perfect if only he was…different in every single way. What would you change about your partner? Your answer should be something like, “There’s nothing I would change because I love everything about him.” If you have a lengthy list of characteristics you would rather see in your boyfriend than the traits he has now, then you should probably get a boyfriend with those characteristics.
  3. Sometimes you think about how much better your life would be without him…Major red flag! If you think you would be better off then odds are you would be better off. Run.
  4. You’re never excited about spending time with your boyfriend…It’s not that you hate spending time with your partner but if something better came up you would definitely cancel any existing plans with him.
  5. You find yourself daydreaming about other guys…The cute barista at Starbucks, the silver fox at the gym, and every other good looking male you see.
  6. Your best friends ask whether or not you’re sure he’s the right match for you on a daily basis…And not because they are jealous of your #couplegoals. Your friends know you best and if they genuinely don’t think your partner is right for you, there is probably a reason.
  7. You have considered the idea of breaking up with him more than once…Every time you get close to cutting the cord you stop yourself because you are afraid of being single. Who wants to start “putting themselves out there” again after so many years of being in a relationship? But remember, complacency is never key.