10 Creative Ways to Keep Kids Busy During a Quarantine Summer

Summer is finally here. The temperatures are up, school is out, and it’s time for parents to find creative ways to entertain their kids for the next two months. While this summer in quarantine might not look like any other summer we’ve ever experienced, it’s up to us to make the best of the situation.

If the last two months have felt like an endless summer trying to balance work, homeschooling, and life, you’re not alone. Finding new and fun things to do while in the middle of a pandemic is no joke. Hopefully, this list of ideas can help.

Below are 10 creative ways to keep your kids busy this summer.

Reconnect with nature

When was the last time you stepped outside and explored the outdoors? Whether it’s going on a bike ride, taking a walk, or going on a hike, there are many benefits of having kids reconnect with nature. Not only will they get their necessary vitamin d from the sun, but they’ll also be able to release some of that energy they’ve been bottling up inside.

Camp in your backyard

While camping in the woods might not be possible for many of us this summer, there are no rules against you camping in your backyard. All you’ll need is a tent, a portable fireplace, and whatever activities your family enjoys while camping. Smores, flashlights, and stories are encouraged.

Arts and crafts

As parents, we always underestimate the power of simple things. When thinking of ways to keep your kids busy this summer, don’t rule out arts and crafts. A few containers of paint, some brushes, and blank canvases can go a long way when your kids are bored at home. Trust me, they’ve already been a hit with my daughter.  

DIY science experiments

Kids love hands-on experiments, so what better way to teach them something while letting them get creative. My daughter is obsessed with making slime, or anything that involves mixing ingredients. There are countless ideas you can find online. Just make sure you’re prepared for the mess that will come along with it.

Take a road trip

While many fun destinations might be closed because of COVID-19, this doesn’t mean the roads are. A road trip can be a fun way to get out of the house while social distancing. Keep in mind that what you do during that trip is essential to keeping you and your family safe. So, take some masks and follow the same guidelines you would do at home.

Start a garden

If you don’t already have one, starting a garden can be a great way to keep your kids busy this summer. It’s entertainment for them, produce for your kitchen and great décor for your yard. This can be a great way to teach them about where food comes from, and the care that’s required to successfully grow fruits and vegetables.

Create fun chores

I’m constantly surprised by how much my daughter enjoys doing chores. Of course, earning money is always fun, but it’s also very rewarding to feel like you’re making a difference. If your kids don’t already have responsibilities around the house, this is a great time to establish some chores that can keep them busy through the summer and beyond.

Teach them something new (and fun)

When looking for a silver lining during this pandemic, many have found that the extra time and slow pace of things have been great. This is a great time to learn (or teach) something new. If your child has always been curious about your photography, sewing, or wood carving skills, take some time to teach them what you know. They might not walk out of this an expert, but they will surely appreciate learning something from mom and dad.  

Go on a virtual tour

Many fun, and unfortunately closed, places like amusement parks, museums, and zoos have created fun ways for guests to enjoy the spaces without leaving their homes. This means you can grab a snack, sit back, and take a virtual tour of some of your favorite places.

Let kids in the kitchen

I don’t know about you, but my daughter always begs me to let her get involved in the kitchen. Being the perfectionist and overprotective mom that I am, I usually ignore her request. However, since this summer will be unlike any other, I’m planning to make some exceptions. We’ve already started baking together, and it’s a lot more fun than I thought it would be.