Simple Ways to Update Your Home Office to Create New Energy

If you’re one of the millions of Americans still working from home, you’re likely working in the same environment you created nearly two years ago when the pandemic first began. At that time, we bought the essentials to build an office that would get us through the end of the pandemic. A desk, chair, and monitor were enough to allow us to work from home.

Well, after nearly two years of working from home and no end in sight for many of us working remotely, it’s safe to say it’s time to make your home office a lot comfier. If your home office is looking a little dull, it might be time for an upgrade. Below are simple ways to update your home office to create new energy.

Add indoor plants

One of the easiest ways to boost the energy in your home office is by adding indoor plants. There are countless benefits to having plants in your office, including reducing stress, increasing productivity, and cleaning the air. If you’re not great with plans like me, some low-maintenance options need little care.

Rearrange furniture

Growing up, I remember my mom would rearrange our living room furniture at least twice a year. I never questioned it, but if I asked her now, I would imagine she would tell me it was because our home needed new energy. Doing something simple like moving furniture around gives the impression of having new furniture without purchasing a single item. When rearranging, think about the lighting, possible distractions, and your new backgrounds for Zoom meetings.

Add some scents

I had never really thought about it, but for years, I’ve started and ended my days with aromatherapy. Before I begin a hectic workday, I like to light an incense to reduce my stress and boost my focus. At the end of the night, I rely on my essential oil diffuser to bring some calmness and serenity to our home. If you don’t currently have scents in your home office, I highly recommend implementing some to create new energy.

Paint if possible

OK, so this one isn’t as “simple” as the other three options, but it’s still something relatively easy and inexpensive to do and can come with a lot of benefits. If your home office feels dull and needs a breath of fresh air, consider taking on a DIY project. A dark blue or earthy green can be great alternatives to the typical home colors, bringing new energy to your office space.