Boost Your Productivity and Performance with these Tips

In today’s busy world, we’re all constantly looking for the best tips and tricks to boost productivity. While apps, products, and tools have the power to impact our workload, there are also underlying issues and ideas you can tackle head-on before purchasing the latest tool or technology.

Productivity goes beyond how much you can squeeze into a day. It’s about intentionality, performance, and overall confidence in the work you produce. Below are four tips to boost your productivity and performance.

Stop multitasking

One of the top myths when it comes to productivity is that multitasking allows you to get more done. Sure, I can see how you would think that doubling down on multiple tasks would boost your productivity, but how many times have you spend extra time on assignments when trying to multitask? Mistakes are made, confusion is inevitable, and so is your dissatisfaction with your work.

Start each day with a plan

Before you turn on your computer for the day, it’s important to spend some time mapping out what an ideal day would look like. Just like goal setting, having a plan for your day creates a journey for you to follow. It keeps you on-task and allows you to flow from one assignment to the next. While things don’t always go to plan, having one can make it more likely that they will.

Block your time

I’ve expressed my love for time blocking in the past, but it’s only because it gives us the power and permission, we need to focus on the tasks that matter. If you spend too much time attending to the needs of others and not your passions or responsibilities, time blocking can help you reserve your time and avoid those unnecessary commitments.

Reduce distractions

Whether it’s sounds, sights, or messes, distractions are all around us. If you find you’re spending too much time attending to these distractions instead of your work at hand, it’s time for a change. One of my top suggestions for reducing distractions is turning off notifications. Incoming emails, text messages, and calls can derail you of your daily goals. If your phone itself is a problem, place it in a separate room.