Fun Activities to Keep Kids Entertained this Summer

For school-aged kids everywhere, summer break is one of the most anticipated events of the year. They have the opportunity to relax and recharge before beginning a new and more challenging grade level in the fall. Unfortunately for parents, keeping their kids engaged for two months can be challenging.

Keeping kids busy throughout the summer can be a tricky task for parents. Below are six fun activities to keep kids entertained this summer.

Backyard camping

Camping can seem like an overwhelming undertaking for inexperienced families. If this sounds like you, try backyard camping instead. Backyard camping allows you to get the camping feel with the comfort of your home a few steps away. It’s a great way to introduce kids to camping.

Movie marathon

If your family isn’t the outdoorsy type, consider an indoor movie marathon instead. Vote on your favorite family-friendly movie, stock up on the tastiest snacks, and enjoy some valuable family time.

Start a lemonade stand

For kids with an entrepreneurial spirit, there’s no better way to learn some money-making skills than by running a business of their own. Lemonade stands are a great way to introduce kids to sales and customer service, two essential skills for any entrepreneur.

Join a sports league

Summer sports camps are fun and engaging options to keep your active child busy and entertained during the long school break. Local groups and organizations offer opportunities for many ages and skill levels, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your little athlete.

Redecorate their room

If your kid is overdue for a room makeover, use some summer downtime to redecorate their room. Depending on their age and interest, the child can assist with multiple tasks. Encourage your child to create a room vision board, lend a hand during the paining process, and haul out unused items from the room.

Join a summer reading challenge

If you’re worried about your child falling behind while out of the classroom, consider enrolling them in a summer reading challenge. Schools and libraries across the country offer a fun and incentivizing way to keep kids practicing their reading skills all summer.