Prioritize Family Time During the School Year with these Simple Tips

Back to school season is in full gear, which means schedules are filling up – quickly. Don’t get me wrong. I love the school year. My husband and I can focus on our responsibilities while our daughter gets to learn and spend her days with some of her favorite people. While the school year is a hectic time, it always reminds me of the importance of prioritizing family time.

Homework, projects, and household responsibilities can fill up a schedule fast. Below are three simple tips to prioritize family time during the school year.

Evaluate your schedule

Sure, all our schedules are busy, but when was the last time your evaluated them? Are some of the items on your calendar negotiable? Do you enjoy doing whatever it is you’re doing during those time slots? By evaluating your schedule, you have the opportunity to assess what it is you want to be doing with your time. You’ll be surprised how many things you do out of habit and not out of joy.

Unplug and unwind

If you’re struggling to find time to spend time with your family, ask yourself how much time you all spend on electronics or screens. If your family’s default is scrolling through social media or streaming countless episodes, try offering alternative activities. While everyone in the household is likely burnt out by that time, there are fun ideas you can implement to prioritize family time.

Find pockets of opportunity

If scheduling routine family time isn’t doable for your family and your busy schedules, this isn’t a lost cause. I challenge you to find pockets of opportunity wherever possible. Whether it’s slowing down in the morning and enjoying a quick breakfast together, sending each other sweet text messages throughout the day, or doing a fire round of questions around the dinner table, there are countless ways to prioritize family during busy times.