20s.saving.money.I came across an article titled, “If You Have Savings In Your 20’s, You’re Doing Something Wrong.” I disagree! If you have savings in your 20’s, you’re doing something right! Don’t think that saving money makes you older than you really are, because it doesn’t. If anything, it makes you smarter than the other 20-something-year-old’s who spend every dime they earn on alcohol and Airbnb hosted vacations. You are being “adult like” and preparing for your future.

“If you Have Savings In Your 20’s, You’re Doing Something Wrong” went on to discuss the importance of living in the now. Yes, it’s important to live your life and do the things you want to do. You’re young and you aren’t getting any younger. You do need to take advantage of this precious time period where you are not a complete “adult-adult” yet. Travel. Meet new people. Take risks. But, these are all things you can do while still saving a small amount of your paycheck.

It all comes down to one question. Why would you want to struggle? If we look at the people around us we see that marriages seem to happen in your 30’s. I know every which way I turn one of my fellow 20 something year old’s is on their way down the aisle. So marriages are happening even before your 30’s! If you don’t save money when will you start? When you’re 30 and married with twins on the way? No, no, no. And to my friends getting married in their 20’s; do you even have a career, yet let alone any extra cash? I mean, it’s one thing to be broke but it’s another thing to be broke with someone else. That doesn’t sound like fun.

So my advice to 20-something-year-old’s out there is to start saving!

  1. Live at home with your oldest best friend (maybe with their mom and dad included) until you save up a good amount of money.
  2. Make sure you manage your frivolous budget. Money for the movies, vacations, alcoholic beverages, etc.
  3. Start planning for retirement. Seriously! The money that will be sitting in the bank for those decades will grow faster than you know it.
  4. Make sure you get the most out of your dollar.

Your 20’s are a magical time. Trust me, I am currently in them with you. The goal is to become financially independent all while finding yourself. Saving money will prepare you for your future as well as make you a responsible human being. Just wait until you are in your 60’s relaxing on a beach somewhere. Only 40-something more years…