10 Items You Should Always Carry in Your Purse

What you carry in your bag can say a lot about you and your lifestyle. As women, our bags serve as a tool to carry our most prized possessions. From our wallet to our phone, the contents of a woman’s purse are invaluable.

Those contents also come in handy when in dire need.  Yes, women need more than their debit cards to survive. Below are 10 items you should always carry in your purse.


Between allergy season, the unexpected cold, or that great laugh that brought tears to your eyes, tissues are essential in a woman’s purse. They can save you from having to run to the restroom for toilet paper, or even more embarrassing, not having anything at all to wipe with. Fortunately for us, travel-sized packets of tissues are now a thing, and they take up less room than the average wallet.

Hand sanitizer

Germs are everywhere, and unfortunately, we don’t always have soap and a sink to consistently wash our hands. That’s why I’m so grateful for hand sanitizer. I keep a bottle everywhere. Travel-sized bottles of hand sanitizer are especially handy when on the go. They can keep your hands clean in dirty environments like an airport, amusement park, and other family-friendly spaces.


If you tend to style your hair down like me, then you probably don’t see a need to keep hairbands handy. However, I would highly recommend keeping a few backup options with you at all times. You never know when you’ll be in a situation where you will need to tie your hair back and get to work.


As a mom, I’ve learned to keep snacks with me at all times. Refueling during a busy day is essential to maximizing productivity. So, keep a healthy snack nearby to save you from a hunger emergency the next time you’re on the go.

Water bottle

Just like refueling, hydration is important for our overall health. I’ve talked about the importance of keeping a water bottle nearby at all times, and that’s because the closer you have it, the more likely you are to stay hydrated. I would highly recommend a reusable and leakproof bottle to keep all your other items safe.


Between breakfast, snacks, and lunch, we often need a midday tooth brushing session to refresh our breath. Unfortunately, many don’t have the luxury of brushing during the day. This is where mints come in to save the day. You never know when you’ll run into someone unexpectedly, so keeping your breath fresh is essential.

Business cards

Networking isn’t limited to a business lunch or happy hour. Networking can happen anywhere, so it’s important to be prepared with your business card in case an opportunity arises unexpectedly.

Power bank

Phone calls, emails, and social media can drain a battery fast, and if you’re not near an outlet, you’re out of luck. I’m on my phone more than I care to admit, so staying charged while on the go is essential for me. A power bank is a must-have for any busy person constantly on the go.


Depending on your circumstances, keeping backup medication can be a life or death situation. Make sure to always keep your necessary items stocked in your purse to prevent an emergency. For me, I like to keep antacid and migraine relief medicine handy just in case.

Feminine hygiene products

If you’re a woman who menstruates, then you already know that it doesn’t always show up as planned. That’s why it’s so important to carry a few extra products in case of an unplanned visit. Plus, it’s nice to be helpful to other women in need who might not be as prepared as you are.