The Only Remedy to Treat My Migraines is This Natural Supplement

Earlier this year my life changed. No, I didn’t get a dog, new job, or buy a house, I actually got a migraine for the very first time. The paralyzing headache lasted almost an entire week and taught me to not take my health or productivity for granted.

If you’re not familiar with migraines, they’re basically a recurring intense headache accompanied by sensitivity to light and sound. While I had heard about the headaches in the past, I never really understood why victims of migraines complained about them so much.  

Like most people, I dealt with headaches every now and then that could usually go away with some sort of ibuprofen or pain reliever. Unfortunately, no pain reliever helped when I got that lingering headache months ago, also known as my first migraine.

After much research and countless Google searches later, I realized that what I was dealing with a headache. I continued to search for the quickest and most effective relief with no luck. After about a week in pain and agony over the migraine, I came across an article after researching for days.

That article talked about the benefits of a natural supplement called feverfew. Feverfew is a medicinal plant used to treat fevers and aches. For centuries, feverfew has been used to treat migraines.

After almost a week of dealing with the debilitating headaches, I gave feverfew a try. Less than an hour after taking the recommended dosage, I felt so much better. The pulsing in my head seemed to go down, and my sensitivity to light and sound did as well.

Feverfew has become a go-to in my home. We’ve replaced over the counter pain and fever medicine for the natural supplement and are so glad we did. You can find feverfew wherever natural supplements and vitamins are sold.

It’s important to note that I am not a medical professional and consuming the popular remedy is at your own risk. Ask a medical professional if taking feverfew is right for you.