Bolt Bag Helps Women In Time Of Need

For women and men living in a violent relationship leaving can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why Beverly Gooden created the Bolt Bag.

A survivor of domestic violence, Gooden is known for her appearances on CNN, Good Morning America, and NBC Nightly News, and for her articles published in The New York Times and Women’s Health to name a few.

An activist, speaker and women’s health advocate, Gooden first gained notoriety after starting the #WhyIStayed hashtag in response to the victim blaming of Janay Rice.

The hashtag became known as one of the most influential hashtags ever created, and sparked the creation of Gooden’s non-profit called the Ella Mae Foundation, which provides support and relief for victims of domestic abuse.

Part of the organization’s relief method is to provide men and women with a Bolt Bag, a bag of essential items needed when it’s time to get out of a dangerous situation.

The bag contains items such as toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, soap, and a mini first aid kit. The idea behind The Bolt Bag Project is to remove the “I need that” factor out of the equation, and to provide security for someone who needs to get out of a situation but is afraid of leaving their belongings behind.

Gooden explains that when living in a domestic violence situation, you’re thoughts circulate around what you’re going to need in order to start your life over.

Many women choose to stay because having to start over from scratch is a daunting and scary task. The Bolt Bag aims to provide women with the comfort in knowing they have something with them to help them adjust to a new and violence-free life.

Bolt Bags can be ordered via Gooden’s website, and areas are provided for victims to enter safe mailing addresses for the bags to be delivered to.

The website also has resources and numbers for people to call if they or someone they know needs help. For more information on The Bolt Bag Project click here.