Acupuncture Scottsdale Chinese Medicine Chambers ClinicYou have heard SmartFem say it all along, Dr. Keith Chambers and his team at Chambers Clinic in Scottsdale are the best Naturopathic doctors in the area….Now they have proof!

The Scottsdale Awards Program presented Chambers Clinic with the award for best Acupuncture in the Scottsdale area. The Scottsdale Award Program’s press release stated that they focus on, “quality, not quantity” as a part of their criteria.

“These exceptional companies help make the Scottsdale area a great place to live, work and play,” read the press release. Scottsdale Awards Program highlights small business with a big impact on the surrounding community.

As a SmartFem expert, Dr. Chambers knows the right way of practicing Naturopathic medicine. His patients always leave rejuvenated and content with their treatments. While Chambers Clinic received the award in the field of Acupuncture, their treatments offered by Dr. Chambers and his team are just as spectacular.

From colon hydrotherapy to allergy treatments, Chambers Clinic will surely become your go to practice for any of your health needs.

For more information on treatments offered by Chambers Clinic, check out the treatments page on their website.


Dr. Keith Chambers of Chambers Clinic