Stadium Style – 5 Tips for a Chic and Comfortable Game Day Outfit

Football season is here, which means that fans everywhere are laying out their favorite team gear in preparation for upcoming games. If you’re fortunate enough to attend football games at the stadium, then you know how stressful it can be to dress for the occasion. Sometimes, a t-shirt with the team logo isn’t enough to stand out in the crowd.

Football games are the perfect occasion to show off your stadium style. Below are five tips for a chic and comfortable game-day outfit.

Dress up an oversized jersey

Fashionistas everywhere know that sports jerseys aren’t the most flattering clothing items. They’re usually boxy and stiff. Don’t waste hundreds of dollars on an item you might only wear a few times a year. Instead, borrow a jersey from a male friend. Their selection is likely a few sizes bigger than you would wear, which makes them a great option to wear as a mini dress.

Subtly make a statement with team colors

For those last-minute invitations to a football game, use everyday items you have within reach. Representing your favorite team doesn’t always require in-you-face branded attire. Sometimes, all you need are the right colors. Stick with the basics and add a pop of your team’s colors with accessories like a scarf, hat, shoes, or jewelry.

Accessorize your activewear

When it comes to stadium-style, comfort is key. That’s because attending games at stadiums requires a lot of walking, sitting, and the occasional jumping out of your seat when your team makes an unexpected touchdown. Activewear is a great go-to option for game-day outfits. Dress it up with chic accessories that make a statement.

Stay comfortable in sneakers

While you might be tempted to wear your fanciest shoes to a football game, I’d highly advise against it. As I mentioned above, game-days at stadiums can be brutal, especially on your feet. Go for a comfortable, yet chic pair of sneakers you know you can stay in for at least four hours. Your feet will thank you later.

Clear security with a clear purse

Most stadiums have transitioned to a clear bag policy to improve security measures. Check your team’s bag policy before heading to the game. You wouldn’t want to be sent back to your car because your purse didn’t meet the stadium’s rules.