8 Extracurricular Activities to Help Your Child Gain New Skills

Extracurricular activities are an amazing resource for a child’s development. The fun outlets take place in addition to regular school duties, allowing kids to explore their interests and burn any extra energy. Extracurriculars help children develop social skills, confidence, and a sense of belonging. 

Some of the best learning opportunities for children happen outside of school. Below are eight extracurricular activities to help your child gain new skills.

Sports team

Whether you have a basketball star or football fanatic in your home, there are sports teams available for a variety of interests. Joining a sports team is a great way for children to remain active while being a part of a team. Sports teach kids the importance of teamwork, persistence, and learning from mistakes, all valuable skills they’ll need when they’re older.

Community service

If your child hasn’t expressed interest in any particular activity, consider a community service club. Volunteering and giving back to the community is one of the best ways to teach children about the importance of service and generosity.

Performing arts

If you have a singer, actor, or dancer in your hands, then a performing arts club might be the best way to keep your child active and engaged. These activities help kids explore their creativity while improving their talents.

Visual arts

Not all arts are created equal, and unlike performing arts, visual arts tend to be better options for the reserved and introverted child. Activities like painting, pottery, and photography are great creative outlets that allow children to explore their interests without performing on stage.


Scouting offers lifelong benefits that many children wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Becoming a Girl Scout or a Boy Scout helps children develop leadership, academic, and citizenship skills by exposing them to nature, new friendships, and unique opportunities.

Academic clubs

If your child is passionate about a specific subject at school, maximize the momentum by enrolling them in a related club. Whether it’s math, reading, writing, or science, there is a club out there that is sure to help your child explore their favorite interests.

Cooking classes

There’s no tastier way to help your kid flourish than by letting them explore their cooking and baking skills. Cooking classes help promote independence, encourage an adventurous palate, and boost confidence.

Affinity groups

Affinity groups are a great way to help kids create a sense of belonging. They allow children to find connections, support, and inspiration they might not find somewhere else. Affinity groups can serve a diverse community based on unique cultures, ethnicities, and religions.